The Key Depot Access Control

Key control, computerized master key systems, electronic access control systems, digital, card and biometric and manual type devices are the most popular in the world in which we live today.


The consultation, customization and installation process which we use is unique as it requires a full understanding of the customer’s needs, requirements, desires and budget. A properly designed access control system is not a quick decision process for the customer or the company designing, installing and selling the system. 

The Key Depot Access Control

Consultation: We will meet with the customer to discuss the customer’s needs and requirements and then do a ‘walk thru’ of the site with the customer. After the ‘walk thru’ we will again review and discuss the needs and requirements as we understand them, with the customer. During the ‘walk thru’ we will outline the project, making a drawing or using a ‘site plan’ requested from the customer. Notes will be made on this drawing or site plan which we will review at a later meeting with the customer. 


A second meeting will be set and a total review the drawing/site plan noting all hardware and issues will be reviewed at this meeting along with our Proposal. If our Proposal is accepted, the Proposal documents will be signed by all required parties and the drawing/ site plan noting the installation of system signed as listing the hardware, showing it also has been approved. 


Customization: Begins when the first meeting with the customer occurs. Understanding the customer’s desires, needs, requirements and budget is a major part of this process. Where is the system being installed is critical to the customization of the system. 


Installation: Is based on consultation and customization process. Your installation must be the same quality and craftsmanship as the hardware’s quality and systems design.

The Key Depot’s approved Access Control Department understands the importance of asking the correct questions and getting the answers which will assist us in designing and installing the best possible ‘customized access control system’ for our customer.

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