The Key Depot does more than just service locks, we also carry a broad array of professional grade safes to meet your needs. From small home or office safes, to large standup safes, we have everything to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to sales, we also install and service safes, including combination changes. 


We offer so much more than just sales. Below is a list of services we provide for safes: 


Safe openings: Securing a safe code, manipulation and drilling are the basic safe opening techniques we use to open safes with unknown.


Combinations. Small safes can be brought to The Key Depot, by appointment. Most safe work is preformed on location. 


Combination changes: Based on the safe, combinations can be changed on most safes with the procedures differing based on the manufacture of each safe. 


Lost combination retrieval: If you already have a safe and lost the combination, our trained experts can retrieve the combination using highly secure techniques. 


Manual as well as electronic combination locks are available for replacement and/or change out on most safes. 

Comfort in a highly trained team which have background checks and wear the distinctive The Key Depot uniform. 

The Key Depot recommends Hollon digital-safe products