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The safety of your family is important to you and it's important to us. At The Key Depot we provide the sales and replacement of hardware of home security, installation and servicing of hardware, high security systems, rekeying and master keying. 


More details about our residential services: 


Emergency lockouts - Its frustrating to walk outside your home and shut the door just to realize you locked the door without having your keys in hand. A quick call to The Key Depot can put your mind at ease. Providing emergency lockout services allows you to gain access back into your home fast and conveniently. 


Lock re-keying – Whenever you buy a new house it is recommended to re-key the locks to ensure you and your family are the only ones that have access to your home. The Key Depot provides lock re-keying services to increase your confidence in your family's security. 


Key duplication - It’s a great idea to have extra copies to your home in case you need a spare. The Key Depot are experts at making professional grade copies. 


As the first line of defense for the security of your business, The Key Depot offers a wide variety of commercial services for your protection. The Key Depot provides sales and installation of high security systems, including rekeying, computerized master key, and key control systems for your business. 


Some of the types of commercial services are listed below: 


New hardware installation of deadbolts, levers, access devices, electronic devices, door closures, exit devices, and much more. Installations include new installations and replacement installations. 


Hardware servicing of deadbolts, levers, access devices, electronic devices, door closures, exit devices, and much more. Replacement servicing is also included should hardware require such service. 


Specialization in master key systems. Master key systems are computerized master key and key control systems. These types of systems allow for limited access to specific areas for multiple level users while allowing unlimited access to other areas and individuals. 

schlage handle set on a front door opening into a home
schlage keys


System types are based on hardware brand and key type. 


Master key process is based on customer’s needs and the requirements of the hardware. 


Proper custom design of the system requires an inspection of the current hardware, or upgrading the existing hardware. Customer requirements determine the desired function of the key control system.

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